Tips for Setting up a Yoga Corner at Home

How to design your feel-good space for yoga, meditation and more.

Woman does yoga at home

Yoga within your own four walls - it's possible! We explain how to set up a cozy yoga corner at home, even when space is limited. Our tips will help you create a harmonious space for yoga, meditation and relaxation. You'll also find out which decorations, colours and the like you should focus on when setting up a yoga room or yoga corner.



Why you should set up a yoga corner at home

Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and calm down - this is often the magic of yoga. If you want to practise yoga regularly, you don't have to go to a studio every time. Because you can do yoga anywhere - even in your own four walls.

Relaxation is even easier if you set up a cozy space for your yoga practice. This creates a retreat where you can switch off in a quiet atmosphere without distractions. The advantage: you are flexible in terms of time and location. Whenever it fits into your daily routine, you can do your yoga exercises directly at home. With a harmonious design and furnishings, your yoga corner will also be a visual highlight.

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Setting up a yoga corner or yoga room: 5 tips for a relaxed atmosphere

Depending on how much space you have in your home, you can either set up a small yoga corner or an entire yoga room. In both cases, it is important that you create a calming atmosphere in this space. We will show you how to do this with the following five tips.

Tip 1: Find the right place

Do you know the feeling? You quickly push the coffee table to one side and roll out your yoga mat. Especially if you don't have that much space at home, it can be challenging to find a place for regular yoga. The good thing is that once you take the time to set up a yoga corner, you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

To find the perfect yoga space in your home, you can use the following rules of thumb as a guide:

  • You feel comfortable in this room.
  • You are undisturbed and not distracted.
  • The room is quiet, for example, it is not directly on the street.
  • Ideally, there are large windows that brighten up the room.
  • You should have at least 2.5 by 3.5 meters of space.

It is particularly convenient if you can set up an entire yoga room in your home. However, this is not a must, as you can also create a small yoga corner in other rooms with simple means. Places that you associate with work or stress, such as the study, are less suitable. Unless you live alone, the kitchen or living room are also unfavorable, as there is usually a lot of hustle and bustle there. A better option is to set up a yoga corner in the bedroom or guest room.


Once you have found a space, it is important that you tidy up your yoga corner and clear away all unnecessary items. You can use room dividers or curtains to create a visual separation from the rest of the room.
Woman doing yoga in a tidy room
A tidy environment is essential when setting up a yoga room.

Tip 2: This equipment should not be missing

A yoga mat is part of the basic equipment when you set up a yoga corner or a yoga room. Pay attention to the alignment: there should be at least one meter of space on both sides of the mat so that you don't bump into furniture or walls. Also check whether you find the viewing direction comfortable.


Your yoga mat should always be ready for use. If you go to the studio regularly, it is worth getting a second mat. If necessary, you can set up your yoga corner so that it can also be used as a meditation corner, for example by placing a meditation cushion.

Further furnishings depend on your personal preferences and the space available. For example, a small shelf and baskets are useful. You can use these to store your yoga utensils, blankets or decorations. Less is more when it comes to furnishings: don't place too many pieces of furniture as this creates distractions. Natural materials such as wood or raffia are also a good choice when furnishing your yoga room.


Other utensils support you during your exercises and can also be placed in the yoga corner.

Tip 3: Decorations and plants for a natural indoor climate

You can give free rein to your creativity when decorating your feel-good space. But one thing is important: your yoga corner should not be too cluttered. A tidy environment and minimalist decorations are ideal for creating a calming atmosphere. In addition, decorative elements with a natural and subtle effect are the best choice. Here are some ideas to help you decorate and furnish your yoga room:

  • Use energizing elements such as singing bowls, Buddha figures, candles or incense sticks
  • Incorporate textiles made from natural materials such as rugs or macramé wall hangings.
  • Install a speaker if you like to listen to music during yoga.
  • Plants create a good indoor climate and set great accents. Green houseplants in particular radiate calm and naturalness. However, make sure that the plants feel comfortable in the available light conditions;
Incense sticks, Buddha figure and orchids in a white bowl
Energizing decorations such as incense sticks and Buddha figures are ideal for your yoga corner.

Tip 4: These colours match your yoga corner

When furnishing your yoga corner or yoga room, use the lightest and most natural colours possible. These can be beige or white, for example, but light shades of brown, green or blue also have a calming effect. On the other hand, you should avoid bright colours.

As the wall colour in particular has an influence on the atmosphere in the room, it may be worth repainting the room or part of it. You should also keep the wall decorations simple and minimalist. Canvases or posters with themed motifs are a good choice, for example. Cloths or mirrors with a beautiful frame can also blend harmoniously into your yoga room.

Tip 5: Choose the right lighting

The right lighting adds the finishing touch to your yoga corner. Ideally, you should have large windows and therefore a natural source of light. This has another advantage: before you start your yoga exercises, you can give the room a good airing.

Does your yoga corner have no natural light source or is it poorly lit? That's no problem either. Warm and indirect light sources are particularly suitable here, for example floor lamps or table lamps. If you want to use a ceiling lamp, it is best to use dimmable models. Last but not least, fairy lights, lanterns or candles give your room a particularly cozy and calming atmosphere.

Woman doing yoga in room with natural light
Ideally, your yoga room should have natural light sources through large windows.

How do you set up your yoga corner or yoga room?

Our five tips will give you the tools you need. So you can get started! When setting up your yoga corner or yoga room, be sure to incorporate your own ideas and wishes. Because at the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable in your retreat. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy furnishing and decorating!


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